Saturday, July 20, 2013

Soul Mate Spell - To Bring Someone Closer To You

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around for the past couple weeks, everything in my life has been really complicated, and I have prayed to the Goddess to give me strength and hopefully that comes soon, but I've seen some pretty good progress with the blog! About three hundred views in two weeks PLUS comments! I'm loving it! Recently, on one of my posts I had a comment about a spell for love, but what if you don't know their name (soul mate)? Well, I have the answer to that question and I will restate it for everyone else.

You'll find that generally most love spells will require your name and your lover's name, but you'll happen to come across spells that deal with your soul mate, thus making it unnecessary to have your lover's name (since you don't know what it is). 

I guess if you come across a spell that needs a lover's name, you can always substitute their name with the ideal characteristics of what you want your soul mate to have. Here's a spell for soul mates that is very simple and I think you will like; all you have to do is to just concentrate on who/what you believe your soul mate is/is like (you might need to meditate for a minute or so) and when you're ready just chant the following:

I wish love can keep us alive. 
It will never separates our hearts and to free our minds. 
Let our faces meet, so we can see.
And let sparks fly, when we see eye to eye.

There is also another spell, it's to bring someone closer to you. There are many number of ways to do this spell. You can drip water on the photos of you and your beloved, you can set a candle in a bowl of water and allow it to burn until the water extinguishes it, you also may want to use COME TO ME oil/incense for this spell. However you do it, visualize your beloved arriving from afar to find your love.

If you do not have any of the following and are looking in particular for a soul mate, then before you say the following, meditate on what characteristics you want from your soul mate or just ask the Universe/Goddess to help you find the person you were always meant to be with. Once you have found your groove for this, you can chant the following whenever you are ready:

Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near
As endless rivers run to sea
His/Her path to me is clear.
A love that's true once here s/he'll find
And know his/her journey's end.
And in his/her heart and soul and mind
S/he'll know our loves should blend.

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